Variety of
Braai Sarmies
  • Description:

    How good is your barbecue sandwich game? We’ve got a variety of lip-smacking fillings to make match day even sweeter!

  • Ingredients:

    Variety of slices of bread such as rye,
    ciabatta, white or sourdough
    (2 slices per sandwich)

    Filling Options:
    Slices of cheese
    Slices of red onion, smooth
    Apricot jam
    Tomato pesto
    Fresh basil
    Crumbled feta cheese
    Tomato jam
    Roughly chopped fresh chives
    Crumbled blue cheese

    Olive tapenade
    Sliced or grated Cheddar cheese
    Fresh origanum
    Coriander pesto
    Slices of red pepper
    Slices of tomato
    Slices of black pepper cream cheese
    Slices of red onion
    Fresh rocket

  • Method:

    1. Butter two slices of bread of your choice.
    2. Arrange any of the filling suggestions on one slice, place a second slice on top and secure with string.
    3. Braai over moderate coals until bread is crisp and brown and cheese has melted. Turn frequently.